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Life is a combination. Connecting ends. Between poles. Day and night, the light and darkness, the tide. Poles that fit into each other and create full and complete on their way.So we men and women, built layers and layers of feelings, emotions, insights and thoughts.
A weaving system connects and combines the energy of life with sexual energy.Allows to experience the divine connection of the spirit to the presence of the earth, to the body.

The website was established in order to enable in depth study of the wonderful way of Tantra, through a unique and leading approach in the field of spirituality, sexuality, meditation, interpersonal relations and intimate relations according to Tantric tradition.
The tantric path is for everyone, whether in a relationship or single. Practicing and studying Tantra, using the unique method that we offer, will allow you to discover your own personal, unique path in this wonderful world.
In our Tantra workshops you can learn many different ways to practice healthy love in your life, enjoy passionate and uninhibited sexuality, and open your heart in relationships. Our workshops enable each and every person to improve their interpersonal communication, practice meditation, and expand their awareness and presence at every moment.
Tantra is suitable for men, women, couples and anyone who wants to improve their life and get to know themselves in a new and daring way.


What is Tantra - Is Tantra right for me?

Tantra is a tool for self-realization, and contrary to popular belief, Tantra is not just about sex.

Tantra can help in all areas of life – from parenthood, family, and improving personal relationships to self-fulfillment and career enhancement.

Tantra is appropriate for men, women, couples, and essentially, anyone who wants to improve their life and get to know themselves in a new and daring way.

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