“When you are embarrassed, be the embarrassment. Be the kiss, forget yourself so totally that you can say, “I am no more, only love exists.” Then, the heart is not beating, love is beating. Then the blood is not circulating, love is circulating. Then, the eyes are not seeing, love is seeing. Then, the hands are not moving to touch, love is moving to touch. Become love and enter the everlasting life. Love suddenly changes your dimensions. You are thrown out of the limits of time and are present in eternity. Love becomes a deep meditation. The deepest possibility. Lovers, at times, knew what the holy men did not know.” (Osho)

What is Tantra?

It's hard to explain what Tantra is in words.Tantra is a way of life; it is not a religion, and it is not a philosophy.And there's a big difference between talking Tantra and experiencing Tantra in the moment.

In general, the meaning of the word “tantra” is expansion, or interweaving. It’s important to note that Tantra is not the Kama Sutra, as Tantra focuses on many varied areas other than sexuality. In fact, practicing Tantra drastically improves everything we come into contact with – our love lives, our attitudes toward family and friends, workplace relationships, peace of mind, healing of the body and soul, and much more.

Does Tantra deal with sex?

Tantra is about life itself. About our communication with ourselves, with our loved ones and with the world. Tantra teaches us to experience life in full force, to believe in ourselves and to feel the world around us without the barriers, masks, and armor we have always worn. Addressing the topic of sex is important because, whether we like it or not, we are preoccupied with it and think about it for a good part of the day and night.

So where does the sex come in?

Unlike many religions and spiritual streams, Tantra does not “suppress” or repress sexuality, but uses the power of sexual energy for spiritual development. Sexual energy is the primary life force that drives us. Those who follow the Tantric path experience and reach their sexual essence, learn to listen to this inner essence, and learn to open their experience to pure ecstatic love. Tantric love.

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